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Joining process
Joining process

Joining process

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Joining conditions

Citizens of the people's Republic of China

Businesses and business owners with legal qualifications; It has certain financial strength.

Love children's career

Recognize the business philosophy of disrael indoor children's Park; Willing to grow and develop together with disle, with reasonable psychological quality and independent entrepreneurial spirit.

Mature commercial properties

Own or lease qualified commercial complex sites or independent shops. Have good social relations resources in the local area; Certain operation and management ability is preferred.

Accept the unified management of the headquarters

Consciously maintain Disler brand. Fully understand and accept all terms of the disrael cooperation agreement and actively perform various obligations.



Joining process

Project consultation:
Customers can consult the company on matters related to franchise cooperation by telephone. We will carefully record customers' information and clarify customers' demands.
Site visit:
Customers visited the Wenzhou headquarters of Qilong group to have an in-depth understanding of the company's strength, corporate culture and cooperative operation mode. After determining the cooperation intention, sign the intention contract and pay the cooperation intention fee (deductible equipment cost in the later stage).
Cooperation planning:
We will help customers conduct market research and Party A's site negotiation, so as to strive for favorable cooperation conditions.
Customized scheme:
Our designers will customize professional and reasonable site planning and effect drawings according to customer needs.
Contract signing:
After determining the design scheme and investment budget, both parties shall sign a formal contract and pay the contract advance payment.
Equipment production:
Our production department will start customized production according to engineering data and drawings.
Equipment delivery:
The quality inspection department of our company will strictly control the products to ensure the ex factory quality of all equipment. After confirming the delivery date, we will arrange a special car to deliver your goods to the site safely.
Installation and commissioning:
Our professional team will strictly control the final effect and ensure the safety of equipment use.
Business preparation:
We will guide you to handle the certificates required for the venue, determine the ticketing and publicity plans, open all promotion and online ticketing platforms, and cooperate with you in personnel recruitment, training and opening activity planning.
Official opening:
Our team will provide resident guidance, operation team formation, headquarters technical support, etc. to fully guide your perfect opening.
Follow up guidance:
Our operation team will plan corresponding ticket sales activities and promotion plans according to different times and festivals. At the same time, our operation will visit the store irregularly to guide the business situation on site and help you achieve your revenue goal.

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