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Site selection negotiation:
We will assist you to participate in the site negotiation of Party A. our senior team has professional communication and negotiation skills, which can help customers win the initiative in the game and strive for favorable cooperation conditions.
Theme style design:
Our designers will customize a set of solutions integrating visual art and amusement experience according to customer needs and site reality to create a perfect dream theme park.
Foundation decoration standard:
We will carry out decoration in strict accordance with the basic standards of children's paradise issued by the state, and select environmental protection materials that have passed relevant national certification, without toxic substances or pungent smell. We will strictly regulate the routing of power lines, refuse to expose wires and avoid children's electric shock.
Tailored equipment:
Our production department will start customized production according to the entered engineering data and drawings, and strictly ensure the ex factory quality of all equipment.
Guide certificate handling:
We will guide you to handle a series of certificates required for venues, such as tax registration certificate, business license, fire control license, etc.
Equipment installation and commissioning:
After the arrival of the equipment, our headquarters will arrange professional technicians to personally install and accept the equipment on site, strictly control the final effect, and ensure the safety of equipment use.
Equipment maintenance:
We will regularly appoint high-tech personnel to the store for technical assistance and equipment maintenance, so as to protect the reasonable after-sales rights and interests of customers. At the same time, help customers update products, such as equipment upgrade, play method and system update.
Organization structure setting:
We have a complete set of site management system and performance appraisal to help customers who lack experience in the park, plan their own personnel structure according to their own scale and business structure, and clarify the responsibilities of each post。
Personnel recruitment and training:
Our professional operation team will come to cooperate with customers in personnel recruitment.
In addition, we have a complete set of team building training programs such as professional quality training, daily fire protection training, service etiquette training, communication skills training, marketing training, management system training and sales skills training, which helps new employees get started quickly.
Operation promotion support:
Tiktok will guide you to the online promotion platform such as WeChat official account, micro-blog, Joule, Kwai, little red book, parent-child travel channel and Po Ma community.
We will help you go online in meituan tourism, Ctrip, hornet's nest, tuniu, donkey mother,, public comments, Cloud Inn, Jincheng and other ticketing platforms.
We will guide you to expand offline promotion channels through local promotion, advertising in surrounding communities, distribution of promotional color pages, elevator advertising, group purchase, local schools, early education or training institutions.
Annual event planning:
Our marketing planning department will plan and explore different promotion schemes every month and quarter according to customers' store positioning, style and festival changes, so as to attract customers' attention and grasp customers' pain points.
Brand image management:
Our designers will plan and design the scheme for customers and shape the brand image from every detail. At the same time, our operation team will quickly gather popularity through all-round online and offline advertising, bring direct benefits to the park, improve the popularity and reputation of the park, and lay the foundation for establishing a good brand image.

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